Friday, August 27, 2010

Transformers Knock-Offs Scare the Living S*** Out of Me!

Holy crap! There's a bunch of sneaky knock-offs out there. I almost got dooped into buying an Optimus Prime and a Grimlock for what I thought was an amazing deal! They were in what looked EXACTLY like their original packaging. Turns out they were awesome fakes. GAWD DAMN IT!

The Optimus figure has a grey border around the entire window which was how I determined it was fake, as well as the alignment of the "Transformers" logo at the top was off. Grimlock said Boommander instead of Commander.

Close call. I reported the seller as a douchbag mc-sneaky thief, and I hope they get their ass banned pronto! I sure hope I don't end up getting a fake someday and never realizing it.


  1. I'm glad you acknowledged this, as it is a HUGE stumbling block in collecting G1 like you're trying to do. Some of the knock-offs are very good quality, but usually have some kind of imperfection that prevents them from being perfect remakes. There's a page or two online that delves into the differences and ways to spot knock-offs. I'd look for those sites. As for eBay, reputable sellers (as reputable as bootleg sellers are, lol) will generally state the item is a remake or reissue.

  2. TFW2005.COM have a large thread in the toy section on KO's. A lot of the time you can tell by how awesome and shiny the box is. Also, most of the time the yellow sun/explosion behind the figure art on the box appears too bright and doesn't fade around the edges.

    The KO giftsets I've seen don't have any factory applied stickers on the figures, and the Springer KO has Octane's name on the bottom.

    There are a lot of carded KO's, especially Seaspray. Its best to go for carded stuff with a decoy/minispy, or the yellow 'free poster' sticker. Also, the KO's have the hole punch right in the centre of the card- originals have it to the right.

    Have a look here:

  3. Thanks! This is going to help a lot. I don't want to blow my money on fakes.