Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Day, Another Powermaster

Here's Doubledealer! I snabbed him off of eBay and I swear it came in the mail just 1 day after paying. Super kudos to that seller!

Doubledealer came complete and minty fresh! He had his instructions, and the tech spec card had been cut out, but included. No points though. I think I'll try to buy figures with their tech specs and points in tact. I assume Doubledealer originally came in a glued on cardboard bubble. He came loose in the box, so I decided to make a styrofoam cube for him. It displays much nicer! Too bad I carved it having him face the wrong way! I think it would have looked better facing to the left, but oh well.

So here's a free tip! If you would like to make a styrofoam block insert without having to hunt all over your house for one to widdle down, go to Wal-Mart and buy an archery target. It's a HUGE block of styrofoam you can cut down as needed. I could probably make 24 blocks this size out of the one I bought.

Doubledealer was special to me because he was the only Transformer I had along with me on a very long transition from moving back to the states from Guam. All my transformers were either packed up in storage, or too hard to get to. My family and I were on the road for what seemed like forever. This transformer was purchased while we were on the road, and he went everywhere with me. How convenient that he was an autobot AND a deception. Not to mention he came with two partners and a huge ass missile that turned into a gun. Yes, this transformer was, and still is, very very awesome.

Enjoy the pics, and stay tuned for the next one. It's gonna be awesome.


  1. Doubledealer is a great, fun figure, and it's cool that he meant so much to you during a time when your other TFs were inaccessible. His bat partner always reminded me of Ratbat.

  2. ME TOO! When I was little, I had no idea the little dudes could fold up and be put into that little blue accessory and attach to the end of the missile. I guess I never paid much attention to the boxes when I was little, or instructions for that matter!

  3. I still don't read the instructions, lol.

    What was cool about G1 was that were a number of later toys that looked enough like earlier characters who were no longer available that they could substitute for them. Micromaster Tote made a good Ironhide; Doubeldealer's bat could be Ratbat; First Aid could serve as Ratchet, etc. Of course, a lot of earlier characters came back as Action Masters but sadly couldn't transform. :-/