Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving Out

I have lived at my current place for four years. My landlord is a douche nozzle. I will finally be rid of him in 9 days. No more ceilings falling in. No more black mold. No more falling through my front stairs. No more feeling like the place I live is slowly killing me. Yes, I'm moving on, and moving up to a better place. Finally, I'll be able to display my Transformers without the constant worry of  a shitty place caving in on itself and destroying everything I love.

Also, I'll have a toilet that doesn't feel like it's going to go crashing through the goddamn floor when I sit on it. Yes, it's that bad.


  1. Holy cow, sound like your apartment was made of cardboard!

    Looking forward to your next figure. And glad you'll have a nice place to display them.

  2. Well, it's not that it's a bad place. It would be a great place if the landlord took care of it. As a tenant, I can only take care of a few things. the serious things need his attention but he'd rather be a slum lord.

    I'm looking forward to building shelves in the new place to display everything!

  3. I guess that's where you'll be displaying Sky Lynx since he's winning the poll (unless Metroplex pulls a victory in the next 27 minutes). :-)

    I voted for Metroplex because he's always been a favorite of mine. When I was a kid, the fact that he was Autobot City made him the center of my Transformers scenarios. He interacts well with the minibots and combining figures, and has lots of neat little features like the ramp into his chest and his hidden missile bay. It's also neat how he comes with three additional Autobots, two of them made from his various accessories.

    I recently bought Sky Lynx for the first time, although it was the reissue. Very cool, if strange, toy. I earlier purchased the Metroplex reissue, which is even a little better than the original toy since they reinforced the waist. Old Metroplexes sometimes snapped in half. :-(