Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Ring, A Lot of Tranformers

This isn't the first time I've tried to collect toys from my past. Nope! In 2006, I decided to try collecting G1 Transformers, but I was so excited about it I didn't care about if they were in good condition or not. Rummage sales, cheap eBay auctions, more rummage sales...that's how I acquired them. In 2008, I had a pretty nice collection. Problem was, I had an ever BETTER girlfriend and I needed to pony up the dough for a ring. A NICE ring. So, I ebayed the whole set for just a little over $3000. The picture you see above was the actual auction photo. There's more below. What kind of ring did I get you ask?

A blue diamond ring, with a bunch more diamonds on it. I don't remember how many! Best trade I've ever made! Even better, my wife is the one that gave me the idea to get all my figures back, but to buy nice ones, and not rummage sale quality ones. That's why I married her!

More pics of the set I sold in 08.


  1. Even if they may not had been pristine, that was a nice and varied collection you sold back then. And you did well with it. It was for a good reason, and the fact that your wife is supporting your renewed hobby is awesome. That's love. :)

  2. Yeah, it took me back a little bit when she came up with this idea.

    I was VERY surprised to get the price I did for that collection. I was filming a commercial at the time it sold, and it was only later I saw how much it sold for. I was only expecting $1000.

  3. EBay can get crazy sometimes, and that appears to have been a nice collection. The ring you got was really beautiful, too. Does your wife knows she has your old Transformers to thank for it? :-)

    I read all the time about guys with girlfriends and wives who just refuse to understand or accept toy collecting. I'd say it's really the norm, as a lot of people will think an adult who collects toys for enjoyment (and not just for investment, or at all for that reason) has a serious problem and is too weird to even associate with. It's kind of funny, since you can be just as obsessed with something more socially acceptable like sports or cars and that's okay. But then you get cases like your wife, where they're understanding and supportive, even if they don't understand it. They love you and if you get enjoyment from it, they're all for it. My girlfriend is the same way. She saw me staring longingly at the new Seaspray figure in the store the other day (I didn't have the cash for it at that time.) and surprised me by grabbing it and buying it for me. :)