Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sky Lynx Just Flew In

G1 Transformers continue to rock my face off.

Well, here he is. Sky Lynx! I have to say, this is pretty fricken awesome. A coin collector on eBay had like 3 Transfomers he was unloading. When I got it, it was wrapped in a plastic protective sheet, re-enforced with bubble wrap. The thing looked like brand new. Hell, it looks like it's in better condition that stuff I've seen out at Wal-Mart lately. In his auction, he listed "electronics not tested" which is just a sly way of saying, "this shit don't work." Well, I put batteries in it and it worked like a charm. Everything was is in tact, no rips or cuts on the box, and it's complete.

Pretty damn good coming from a guy who sells nickels.

So, the story with Sky Lynx is that, well, he's the one I never had. I wanted him and I begged and begged, and he never showed. Not even at a rummage sale. He goes in the same group as Trypticon, Transformers that were just a little too expensive. GOD I wanted him.

Well, 24 years later, I got to open him up and it felt pretty damn good.

Stay tuned for my next Transformer!


  1. Man, you got that fast! And it's pristine. Thanks God for coin collectors and their meticulous nature!

  2. It only set be back $80 too!