Monday, April 25, 2011

Which Transformer Will Win?

A little heavy on the electrons....
Only two days left for the poll on the right! Looks like Kickback is in the lead. You know, I never owned any of the insecticons. I'm not sure why. My mom probably thought they were gross. Ultra Magnus is the only figure on that list that I actually owned when I was little.

I added a little slideshow of the figures I've gotten so far. I take all my own pictures so what you see is what I got! I'm also adding other little things on the site so come back often to see what's new!


  1. Badass, I am so glad you got back into this. My vote was for Grapple because he was the second transformer I ever bought. Is whoever doesn't win the contest included in the next contest or is it random?

  2. Thanks man! I try to include ones from previous polls as much as possible.