Friday, April 15, 2011

Blame My Wife

This is my wife Joey and I. I'm wearing an X-Men shirt while enjoying escargot at a fine restaurant. They tasted like squishy pepperoni pizzas. As you can tell, I am very classy.

I like to blame my wife for all sorts of things. It's just so much easier than admitting I'm wrong. So, you can blame this post on my wife. Why? Because for my birthday she got me G1 Twin Twist and G1 Top Spin complete and in their boxes. You can also blame her for reigniting my interest in collecting again. Oh, I will be coming at this from a much safer and reserved approach for all of the swindlers out there. I have done a lot of research in fakes and knock-offs. That's what I've been spending the better part of this year doing is research, research, research.

So, it is with great pleasure to announce, I will be regularly posting again. I have two figures already lined up, and a figure I never got around to posting. I'll try to post some other things along the way and maybe some polls to suggest what figures I should start looking for. I have moved on from my bad ebay experience and now have my wife to blame, err...thank, for getting me going again.

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