Sunday, April 24, 2011

Topspin is in the house!

The first Transformer I ever owned.
So here's the Transformer that started it all. This was my very first figure. My dad bought it for me at Shopko when I was about 4 years old. So, I was very surprised when I opened my first present for my birthday this year and that's who was waiting inside. Joey swears she had no idea that it was the first one I owned and that it was just a very lucky guess!

He came complete with his gun, instructions, and decoder, and nothing is cut from his box. He doesn't have the bubble insert, but still displays just fine. I was very excited to see this. I almost immediately asked my wife after I opened it, "Did you know he has a twin call Twin Twist?" She said, "No, I did not."

Look below for more pictures of Topspin. And stay tuned for my next G1 Transformer, next Sunday!


  1. What are the odds she would pick Topspin out of the over 300 figures in G1? She had to known something, that is just way too lucky! (Especially with Twin Twist out there)

  2. She pleads that it was just plain dumb luck. That, and I know I've never told her what my first figure was.

  3. Very cool to have a wife that not only accepts your collecting habits, but actually contributes!