Monday, September 13, 2010

New G1 Transformers for the Site ON THEIR WAY!

Wow. It's been one heck of a move the last week. A million things have been all going on at once, and I feel like I havn't been able to catch my breath. Well, it's starting to settle down a bit, and I'm proud to say that I have a Transformer to feature on Wednesday. It took FOREVER to get here, but that's because of my moving and mixed up addresses and such. But that's not it, I already have 6 more Transformers sitting here waiting to get a story written about them. I can't wait to show them off to you. I think you might be surprised on what I found! Stay tuned!


  1. Yeah, I came across some really good deals that I couldn't pass up. So, I have 5 weeks of Transformers lined up.