Thursday, September 16, 2010

G1 Shockwave is in the House!

It took for what seemed like forever for me to get back to doing what I love, collecting Transformers! I have finally somewhat settled in my new place, and Shockers came in the mail just in time. IT was quite the travel for the guy since he had to be forward to my new address, and he showed up as undeliverable twice. I started to think it wasn't meant to be. But here he is, Shockwave.

This guy is awesome. I remember wanting him for my birthday so bad. I ended up with a rummage sale Radio Shack-Wave instead a few years later. This purple guy is the real deal. Working electronics, a nice rubbery hose that isn't all dried and cracked, all the paperwork and a pretty nice box...yeah, it's bitchin. I did have to make my own styrofoam insert for him, but that's no biggie. The people that sold it to me were very nice and generous. We worked out a pretty good deal on him. He looks amazing, and he is a nice addition to the collection.

Is it just me, or on the box in the second picture does it look like he's ripping a sonic fart? I dunno.


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  1. One day.. I will get a Shockwave too. Fair play for finally scoring one.